What kind of services do we provide?
Land Use and Site Planning:  In today's world of stricter land use codes and environmental regulations, you
need people with experience in land use planning and site planning.  Whether you are developing a large
commercial site or building a home on a small lot, we can help.  We will look at the overall feasibility of the project.  
Then we work with you on developing a Site Plan that is feasible and suited to your project needs.

Pre-design and Programming:  Before design begins, we work with you to fully understand your goals for the
project.  We look at your space needs, project budget, time and scheduling needs and code issues.  We identify
the opportunities and constraints that influence the project.  We help you develop your building program before
design begins, so we know we are on the right track toward creating a project that works.

Architectural Design:  If you ask us if we have ever designed the kind of project you have in mind....our answer
will probably be "yes".  But we regard each project as a fresh opportunity for artful and technically excellent design
solutions.  The design begins with your dreams and goals.  We know that your environment will be an important
resource for you, whether it's your home or place of business.  As the design develops from conceptual sketches
to a full set of drawings and specifications, your choices and concerns are reflected in the design.  We know your
budget is a driving force and we evaluate costs along the way.  Like you, we expect excellence.

Landscape Design:  Your outdoor surrounds are part of your environment and we see the landscape as an
integral part of the overall design.  Your goals for your landscape are where we begin.  From the private residential
garden to a 20-acre park, we use our knowledge and design skills to create vital outdoor places.

Construction Administration:  The success of your project from beginning to completion is our goal.  During
construction we are there, on site, on a regular basis, observing the work in progress, reviewing project materials
and shop drawings and evaluating options for proposed design changes.  Our Construction Administration
Services result in a better building quality with better value for you.
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