Central Market
Poulsbo, Kitsap Co. WA
Miles Yanick & Company
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This flagship store was built as a destination shopping experience with 70,000 square feet of prime
market space and 13,000 square feet of outdoor retail space.  Built with many recycled materials and
energy-efficient building strategies including partial earth sheltered site planning, extensive use of
recycled content building materials and energy efficient lighting, mechanical and electrical systems.  The
market design has been recognized by industry and environmental experts for its innovative and
environmentally responsible building solutions.   Given the Recycling Award by Kitsap County
Commissioners and Department of Public Works for the use of recycled content building materials.

  • Size:               70,000 square feet
  • Contractor:    Frontier Construction Company

Testimonial from Larry Nakata, President of Town and Country Markets, Inc. the day before opening:
"I sat out in the parking lot in front of the store this morning and closed my eyes and recalled our design goals that we
had set out to accomplish when we first began this project.  After a few minutes I opened my eyes and looked at the
building and there it all was.
When I spoke with the General Contractor they said it was a real pleasure working with the architect.  "They were
flexible and always answered questions and solved job site problems immediately."
I really enjoyed the entire design and development process, working with  you and the people in the office.  I couldn't
believe how fast we got this project done."
Testimonial from the Hattaland Partnership:
"The Hattaland Partnership would like to express our appreciation for your excellent performance on our Central
Market project in Poulsbo.  It was vital to our project that we have an Architect with the versatility to respond to a
state-of-the-art grocery store.  Additionally, this store was to be the largest on the Olympic Peninsula and encompassed
ideas the store operators (Town & Country Markets, Inc.) gathered around the United States.  Our project was brought
in exactly on schedule, despite the incorporation of over 100 Change Orders.  We are also convinced that this store is
one of the most beautiful in the State and certainly a credit to the community.  Thanks for a job well done."