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Miles Yanick                Principal

Fifty years ago, I trained not only as an architect but also as a landscape architect and land planner in order to
respond to complex factors that determine the functional, aesthetic, social, and financial success of a project. For
me, design that responds to this complexity is inherently innovative, economical, and beautiful without being
trendy, gimmicky, or wasteful. For example, I was designing passive solar solutions in the 1960s, decades before
“green” became fashionable.

My favorite tool is the soft pencil and a blank sheet of paper. Beginning with these simple tools, I have embarked
on an unusually broad range of public and private projects; large scale master plans to custom residences, always
guided by my firm’s core values of functional responsibility, technical accuracy, artistic development and design,
and financially feasible environmental measures.

I’ve always resisted specialization. My experience with a broad range of projects keeps us continually thinking out
of the box. My staff and I can draw on a much larger vocabulary of design principles, materials, and methodologies
than is typical for a boutique firm. We’ve worked in mountain, desert, seaside, city, suburban, and rural settings
around the United States. Each setting brings its own challenges.

As I reflect on my career, I see twin themes of complexity and simplicity. I study complexity and look for simple
solutions. As the lead on every project, I am committed to producing designs that are elegant, simple, fiscally
responsible, and reflective of the values and vision of each client. Every day is an adventure!

Professional Organization Affiliations
Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce
Kitsap Building Association

»        Expert witness for the City of Poulsbo on the Poulsbo Library arbitration cause
»        Owner’s representative for the new city hall location on Highway 305 site
»        Former member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association
»        Former director Seattle Chapter American Institute of Architects
Dan Lazarek                Architect, LEED AP Homes

Dan provides a range of talents and experience that are highly unique to any architectural firm. He holds a BA in
Mathematics from Wesleyan University, and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington’s
College of Built Environments.

Dan is a licensed architect and a LEED for Homes Accredited Professional, specializing in sustainable mid-rise and
single-family housing and historic preservation. He is also experienced with high-rise and hospitality projects. He
has worked directly for commercial development firms as an in-house designer and general contractor, and he has
managed projects at all phases of development, including design, permitting, and construction.
Don Roberts                Project Manager/Construction Contract Management

Don has practiced in the field of architectural design and construction contract management for seventeen years.
He is our “go to guy” when it comes to leadership in assembling a construction contract set of drawings and
technical specification documents.

Don has solid experience in the art and science of the architectural and development field.  He is talented in
design development.  He has solid experience in the construction contract administration phases of project
development, including field inspections and reports, responding to field requests for information (RFI), change
orders, product submittals, shop drawing reviews and value engineering.

His areas of experience include residential projects, light commercial, multifamily and religious work.  Don’s
experience enhances our abilities to provide comprehensive architectural services from project pre-planning,
programming and feasibility analysis through construction contract inspections and administration.
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