From Drew Middleton regarding a garage remodel:
Hi Miles, Thanks for doing a great job on the initial garage plans.  We love the concept; it's exactly what we had
hoped for.

From Margaret & Brian Hansche regarding their new home on Bainbridge Island:
We live in an awesome house, and it all started with contacting Miles Yanick.  Miles checked out the property even
before we met, he knew we had a wonderful view to emphasize.  There was a lot of preliminary work to do, and it
was done.  Miles researched the region and demographics and designed a home that would work for us as well as
any future homeowners.  Miles and Jo Pederson listened to our needs for the house and kept our budget in mind.
Miles Yanick & Co. served as project managers and worked with the contractors to ensure quality work.  They
contacted a multitude of agencies for the septic system, environmental concerns, an arborist, well construction,
and landscaping to name a few.
The design is stunning!  Beautiful light comes in from all directions.  The views stop you in your tracks as one
watches a sail boat or fishing vessel pass by, or views of animals and birds.  When we have had guests, they are
Thoughtful details contribute to the character of the house.  The appearance of finishes, the modern fireplace
tiles, the floors, and the doors, especially the guest closet in the entry area, and the barn doors near the kitchen.
The house is very workable, there is a quiet side of the house, a louder or more active side of the house, and a
social center.  What this has done, is allow Brian to work, while I have different activities and we don't disturb each
We are so happy to be here and are enjoying the house immensely.

From Carol and Jim Hoffman regarding the remodel of their home:
Hi Miles, How is the recovery going?  We finally finished the project. Wow, what a relief!  Jim is now working      on
repairing our deck (while we still have dry days), then will continue his work on our master bedroom closets.  We'd
love to have you come out to see the final results!  We can't thank you enough for your design and management
of our remodel...we are happier than we ever expected!"

From Judy Williamson regarding the remodel of a newly purchased home on Bainbridge Island:
You are truly a gift. Thank you for doing all that you are doing.  I do appreciate it is over and above what an  
architect's job description entails.  Thank you for stepping up when we really needed more.  J

From Paul and Debbi Brainerd regarding the addition of a solarium to their Bainbridge Island home:
Miles, We want you to know how much we are enjoying our new sun room. Thank you for the beautiful design that
has created this lovely new space in our home.

From Mark Julian regarding a multi-family residential project on Lower Queen Anne Hill in Seattle:
I just wanted to say thanks to you and all those involved at your office in the design of our project on Queen  
Anne.  It's a great design.  Thanks again.  Mark

From Damien and Teresa Lindauer regarding the remodel of their home in the Laurelhurst
neighborhood of Seattle:
Happy Holidays!  We are all settled into the new house.  It is even better than we dreamed it would be!  Thank  
you for your hard work and expertise.  Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday.  
Warm Wishes, Damien & Theresa Lindauer

From Celi Orante of the Filipino American Community regarding the Filipino American Community Hall
on Bainbridge Island:
A holiday wish for happiness and joy for you and the family.  Our thanks for all your support.  We believe working
with you is one of the highlights of our community's history.  You always have a special part in our hearts.  Celi

From Greg Meakin, Developer of the Bremerton Ice Arena and Fitness Facility:
I'm confident in my research and the incredible talent on my team of specialists.  Just one example is my architects,
Miles Yanick & Company of Bainbridge Island.  I was pleased to find a local architect, rather than an out-of-state
one.  Indeed, even a super human, out-of-state architect could never have accomplished so much, so fast and of
such high quality work than Miles Yanick & Company.

From Lee Fuller, MA, ADTR, concerning the design of her retirement home near Jackson Hole, WY
I'm enjoying this process immensely and getting to know each of you as we go along.  I feel seen and hard as we
go along.

From Don Nakata, Town and Country Markets, Inc., regarding the Central Market building in Poulsbo,
Washington the day before opening the 70,000 square foot facility:
I sat out in the parking lot in front of the sore this morning and closed my eyes and recalled our design goals that
we had set out to accomplish when we first began this project.  After a few minutes I opened my eyes and looked
at the building and here it all was.
When I spoke with the General Contractor they said it was a real pleasure working with the architect.  "They were
flexible and always answered questions and solved job sitye problems immediately."
I really enjoyed the entire design and development process, working with you and the people in the office.  I
couldn't believe how fast we got this project done.

From Mark Salo, Apanage Inc. regarding the VICI project in Poulsbo, Washington:
I want to thank you for all the help with the VICI project.  You really helped in every way including managing the
various relationships.  Thanks again for all your great work  I really enjoyed working with you.
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