Shoreline Central Market
Shoreline, King Co. WA
Miles Yanick & Company
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When Miles Yanick and Company was asked to design a plan for a supermarket make over, they opted
for a natural, down-to-earth concept that built on the store's fresh produce theme.   The result is a
dynamic shopping environment with unique character and approachability which earned the City Council
Community Beautification Award from the City of Shoreline.
Having worked with the owner previously on the award-winning Central Market in Poulsbo, WA the staff
at MYCO had a pretty good idea of the client's vision.  However, this project was not new construction as
the previous market, but rather a difficult redesign and connection of two existing buildings into one
cohesive structure to form the anchor to an outdated 1970's style shopping suburban center in north
Seattle.  The integration of the interior merchandising concept with the expression of that concept on the
exterior plan became the key design challenge and ultimately the real success of this design.
At the request of the owner, a Feng Shui study was conducted to improve the interior energy.  Feng Shui
is the Chinese philosophy of arranging the elements of a program within an environment to influence the
flow of chi, or energy.  The consultant made recommendations to harmonize the floor plan.    
  • Size:                57,400 square feet
  • Contractor:    Faze Two, Inc.