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Bremerton Skate Park
Bremerton, Kitsap Co. WA

A 10,000 sq. ft. skate park was added to East Park in
Bremerton, next to the Bremerton Ice Arena, also
designed by MYCO.  The "street style" skate park is
one of the only parks of its kind in the country.  
MYCO worked directly with area teen skateboarders
to develop the design of the park.

Size:             10,000 square feet
Contractor:  Purkiss-Rose, rsi
Bremerton Ice Arena
Bremerton, Kitsap Co. WA

Selecting a site was a long time in coming for
Kitsap County's much anticipated ice rink.  Since
MYCO was selected as the project architect we
had worked on three different sites and designed
as many buildings.  Finally construction broke
ground at Eastpark in the Manette neighborhood
of Bremerton.
The Ice Arena is an exciting year-round facility
that uses several energy-efficient design features
very important for keeping ice.  The facility
design includes a regulation National Hockey
League-sized ice sheet, four team rooms, food
court, generous lobby with concessions, video
game room and sports shop as well as conference
and special events rooms.

Size:              39,565 square feet
Contractor:   The Wootan Group
Testimonial from Greg Meakin, Developer of the Ice Arena
& Fitness Facility
: " I'm confident in my research and the
incredible talent on my team of specialists.  Just one example
is my architects, Miles Yanick & Company of Bainbridge
Island.  I was pleased to find a local architect, rather than an
out-of-state one.  Indeed, even a super human, out-of-state
architect could never have accomplised so much, so fast and of
such high quality work than Miles Yanick & Company."