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Testimonial from Rich Crain, Church Elder:
"Miles--I just wanted to tell you how pleased and excited I am with our new facility.  One major difference between
engineers and architects (which applies to me) is that while we can recognize beauty, we don't visualize it well.  When
you showed us your plans and model back in 2001 you told us the back lit cross and open rafters would look great.  I
thought it might be true, but I'd have to wait and see.  What you have given us is an impressive, distinctive sanctuary that
greatly exceeds my expectations.  The glue-lams and open rafters seem to make the whole room bigger than it is.  And
the cross is beyond description.  The primary response of many of us that first morning was speechless joy with almost
overwhelming emotion.
God has done a great work through you. Thanks for using your gifts to design a facility that will be practical for ministry
and a beautiful place to worship."
Olympic Evangelical Free Church

Jonah's whale and the New Testament figure in the design of this church.  It's
a subtle realization that comes to you after a while in the church sanctuary.  
We created a radiant and enveloping space for the small North Kitsap
congregation by seeking inspiration from biblical references.  Twenty-seven
windows fill the north wall which symbolize the 27 books of the New
Testament.  Soaring above the sanctuary are exposed beams silhouetted
against clerestory windows suggesting the ribs of Jonah's whale.  A simple 20-
foot cross is back lit by a window that shines daylight into the sanctuary.  At
night, the back lit cross illuminates into the dark and can be seen by passers-
by.  Designing a spiritual space like this church is very rewarding for MYCO
because it gives us an opportunity to fully realize the potential beauty and
grace of architecture in expressing the aspirations of the congregates.

  • Size:             8,688 square feet     
  • Contractor:  Drury Construction & Swanberg Construction