Bainbridge Island Remodel, Kitsap Co. WA
Retaining the history and architectural integrity was foremost in the minds of the owners of this 1904 Port
Blakely mill worker's house on Bainbridge Island.  They had hoped to remodel and add to the 900 square
foot home to look and feel as though the addition had always been there, resting gracefully on the crest of
their property under the shade of a protective conifer tree.  Our plan was carefully calculated to create an
additional 1400 square feet of space that related to the original scale of the diminutive home and reflected
its hand built, turn-of-the-century style.  What has evolved is a cozy, irresistible home brimming with
character and warmth at every turn.  The new addition takes the form that mirrors the original structure
juxtaposed to the original house.  The twin structural forms are connected by the living room.  The
addition contains a recreation room, master bedroom suite and home office.  The tiny, existing kitchen
and main entry became the new entrance.  By moving the kitchen next to the dining room, we had the
opportunity to create an open flow between the two spaces.  The kitchen holds special claim on the charm
of this restored home.  It's small footprint functions well with furniture-like cabinetry, apron-front sink,
cozy window seat and reproduction lighting.  We maintained the hand-built tradition by using design
elements of the period including a painted, stenciled floor and leaded glass panels over the cooking island,
both custom crafted by local artisans.  The original, 99-year old Douglas fir boards that wrapped the
interior walls and ceiling of the house were completely refinished.
Architectural restoration required skill, diligence and patience on the part of owners, architects and
craftsmen.  We were very fortunate to work with a client who had a special connection to the house and
local history.  The project was a great success in large part to their commitment.

  • Size                 1,400 additional square feet
  • Contractor:    Various contractors worked on this project
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Photos: Art Grice