Bainbridge Island Residence, Kitsap Co. WA
This beautiful 2,400 square foot home features expansive glazing to take full advantage of the water and
mountain views from the west side of Bainbridge Island.  The home has four bedroom, 3 bathrooms and
features "zones" for various activities; a quiet zone, an active zone and a social center.
Miles Yanick & Company
Architects     Land Planning     Interiors     Landscape Design

We live in an awesome house, and it all started with contacting Miles Yanick.  Miles checked out the
property even before we met, he knew we had a wonderful view to emphasize.  There was a lot of preliminary
work to do, and it was done.  Miles researched the region and demographics and designed a home that
would work for us as well as any future homeowners.  Miles and Jo Pederson listened to our needs for the
house and kept our budget in mind.

Miles Yanick & Co. served as project managers and worked with the contractors to ensure quality work.  
They contacted a multitude of agencies for the septic system, environmental concerns, an arborist, well
construction, and landscaping to name a few.

The design is stunning!  Beautiful light comes in from all directions.  The views stop you in your tracks as
one watches a sailboat or fishing vessel pass by, or views of animals and birds.  When we have had guests,
they are astounded.

Thought details contribute to the character of the house.  The appearance of the finishes, the modern
fireplace tiles, the floors, and the doors, especially the guest closet in the entry area, and the barn doors near
the kitchen.

The house is very workable, there is a quiet side of the house, a louder or more active side of the house, and
a social center.  What this has done, is allow Brian to work, while I have different activities and we don't
disturb each other.

We are so happy to be here and are enjoying the house immensely.
                                                                                                                              Margaret and Brian Hansche