Bainbridge Island Residence, Kitsap Co. WA

Creating a lofty perch on a 40 degree sloped lot above Bainbridge Island's Manzanita Bay, this high-style
home achieves a spacious beauty among its surrounding firs.
Part of the house is cantilevered over the slope, being supported by sculptural knee braces.  On approach
you see the house massing with three cedar faced boxes, the central box rising a story above the flanking
pair.  An arc of glass around the entrance gives the feeling of importance and sophistication.  The open
interior floats natural light throughout from four skylights.  The vast array of windows in addition to a two-
story window-wall in the stairwell streams light into the first and second floors.
The overall design results in a sophisticated sense of space and light in the midst of the tall firs which gives
this house a sense of style and comfort.

  • Size:            3,600 square feet
  • Contractor: Blumenthal Construction
Miles Yanick & Company
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Photos:  Art Grice