Cle Elum Residence, Kittitas Co. WA

Built on top of a rocky hill, this home site had many challenges.  The house is powered by a wind turbine
and has a solarium and Koi tank that was added a couple years after the initial construction.  The owner
raises champion show Koi.   
Not too long ago wind generation was considered a futuristic energy source with no practical application
on the horizon.  But when our client requested wind power as the primary energy source for their new
home, we sourced a 100 foot tower and a 10 KW BWC wind turbine manufactured by Bergey Windpower
Company.  The client will reduce energy and fuel bills when the excess power from their private generator
is sold back to the host public utility.  When the 100-foot wind generator was installed, it was believed to
be the largest private residence wind generator in the state.  

  • Size:               3,956 square feet
  • Contractor:   Hudson & Sons Construction
Miles Yanick & Company
Architects     Land Planning     Interiors     Landscape Design
Bergey 10kw BWC Wind Turbine
Koi Tank
Testimonial from the Owner:
"The house looks terrific.  Mom and I were both commenting that we have not had the chance to thank
you enough for doing such a wonderful job.  It is really beautiful and functional and houses don't get
better than that."